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 :  : Common causes of contamination in clinics
The corridor that connects  the operating  rooms and IVF lab is not treated as a clean room, thus every door opening into the  room causes  a flow of contaminated air into the room;
Medical and assistance stuff do not fulfill the hygiene instructions for operating rooms;
Doors are left partially open during and after operations;
Shutting down the air-conditioning system ("because it is too cold") actually stops the filtering process;
Servicing of the AHU and replacement of filters done by an unqualified technician and without strict regulations causes an enormous amount of dirt entering the room;
Each room should have its own AHU. A common AHU might transfer contamination from one room to another. Furthermore, using a common AHU might influence the overpressure. Opening the door of one room brings down the overpressure in all other rooms;
Without the ability to regularly monitor concentrations of particles in the air one cannot really determine when to change filters or if the room is a "clean" room.
The source for fresh air is critical because hospitals have  hostile environment and contaminated air. The source for fresh air should be from the highest point possible and far from all obnoxious toxic contaminated discharges emitted by other departments.
The HVAC system and tunnels are natural places for growing microorganism.


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