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 : Our world wide services include:
Designing IVF, Embryo research and stem research  laboratories;
Designing Operating theaters, isolation rooms, clean medical rooms and chemical and biological laboratories 
Improvement of IVF labs; Operating theatre and isolation rooms.
Inspection and improvement of existing medical centers;
Contamination prevention;
Solving  low air quality problems that cause headaches, sleepiness and sore throat;
Periodical decontamination of air systems and rooms.
Abatement of "smell" problems;
Improvement of the quality of hospital and clinics working environment for the sake of medical stuff and               
 : Mr. Lehrmann has earned a nationwide reputation in Israel designing and implementing new methods and standards for Clean Rooms
He holds an exclusive international patent for Gas-tight Ventilation System and this, together with his many years of experience constructing gas-tight buildings, gained him the CTCB "PROFESSIONAL certification. 
Mr. Lehmann applied his unique knowledge in the design and operation of clean rooms to hospital operating theatres, IVF laboratories and isolation rooms throughout Israel. In fact he has set new standards in his approach to controlling and maintaining clean air  particularly with regard to the "Tightness Factor" parameter and the linkage between Tightness and Air quality.
As a result of his experience and many innovations, Mr. Lehrmann was invited to represent his work at the prestigious Clean-Room Contamination Control Technology conference recently held at the world trade centre in Boston, MA, USA.

techno engineering  Israel


techno engineering  Israel
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