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 : The lab will reach the desired cleanliness level when the effective air changes rate is higher than the contaminated emission rate of particles in the room
 : We can learn a lot from monitoring the air for small particles.
When one has the proper measuring devices the monitoring is quick and gives  a clear picture of the condition of a room.
Following are the cases in which it is recommended to monitor particles in the air:
In a new room:  "particles counting" is required for an immediate feedback regarding the quality of the air system.
During renovation and maintenance monitoring should be repeatedly done to make sure that the job is improving the air quality and not vice versa.
During adjusting "air changes per hour", repeated "particles' counting" monitoring is to be done to regulate the optimum number of changes required.

In the following table, the max. number of particles concentration according to ISO    14644-1, sorted by size, is shown.
The common levels for hospitals are:
Class 5:  IVF laboratories, operating theaters - orthopedics (bones), open chest and  cranium;
Class 6 : other  operating theaters ;
Class 7 : intensive care units, sterile material storage rooms, air locks and sterile corridors and rooms.
  Particles size and their sources:


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